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3D printing in radial fractures ; a pilot study in National Rehabilitation Institute

Although it has shown multiple benefits in preoperative fracture planning, 3D impressions have not been routinely implemented due to difficult access

A pilot study was conducted with 10 patients with a diagnosis of distal radius fracture and need for surgical management. Patients were evaluated by radiography, tomography with 3D reconstruction and stereolithography prior to their surgical management. The editing of TAC images was done using the 3D SLICER program for printing on thermoplastic material and finally a questionnaire of satisfaction was made to doctors and patients.

RESULTS: 3D models of distal radius fractures were performed preoperatively. 100% of the patients clearly understood the severity of their condition. Doctors, reported a 42% improvement in fracture classification, 90% referred to 3D printing as a useful preoperative tool.

CONCLUSIONS: 3D impressions promise to be a tool not only for a better understanding and classification of distal radius fractures, but also for a better understanding by our patients.

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