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Development of a Near Infrared lymphatic Imaging Device

Near Infrared (NIR), lymphatic Imaging is an emergent imaging technique used to assess superficial lymphatic structures and its function. It uses a NIR light source and a special camera that detects the fluorescence of a non-radioactive dye called indocyanine green (ICG), which is injected subdermally and its way through lymphatic capillaries, making this device useful in the diagnosis and follow up of lymphatic diseases.

Objective: To show (NIR) step-by-step development of a feasible, user-friendly, and low-cost homemade Near Infrared (NIR) lymphatic imaging device.

Methods: Using worldwide available components such as a customized laser and a modified webcam, we assembled what is a functional plug and play NIR lymphatic imaging device and evaluated its function with a 25-year-old healthy woman

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